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The Cutting Room Movie Podcast

Magazine Podcast

Man. I’ve been podcasting for so long, it used to be called internet radio. It’s crazy…but it’s also my business, radio, so it makes cyclical sense that I once again find myself behind a microphone in a cool, dark studio…shootin’ the shit and havin’ a ball with people I enjoy jibber-jabbering with. It’s SO fun […]

I Wanna Be Better

So here was my day yesterday: I woke up, fed my dogs, shoved breakfast, and out ran to the market for a few items. I came back, hopped online, hooked up my Skype, and co-interviewed bassist Kira Roessler from the legendary punk group Black Flag for the Cutting Room Movie Podcast show that I do (I […]

“Blue Ruin” and Thoughts of REVENGE

So ya know when a bunch of bored moms and housewives get together on a Monday night twice a month to talk about the latest book they were all suppose to have read at the same time? Like, a BOOK club, right? Well, that’s sorta what I got goin’ on with The Cutting Room Movie Podcast. Only we’re […]