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I Was a TEENAGE Max Koch (New Video)

You ever look back at yourself during your teen years and scream, “WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!?!” Oh, wait. We’ve ALL done that. Only some of us don’t have the balls to share that once zitty, smelly, gangly, goofy, awkward, embarrassing, oversexed version of ourselves. Well, not your ol’ buddy, Max! Oh, no, I am […]

Been Takin’ A Look Back…

Tony Soprano said it best: “Remember When is the lowest form of conversation.” Now as much as I agree with T, I still can’t help but reflect on my 45 years of life thus far…mainly because I am now focusing hardcore on an autobiographical graphic novel-type project I’ve been starting and stopping for years. I don’t […]

A Very Special Gift

My very dear, very generous friend, Nicole, AKA Green Girl, recently hooked me up with a very SPECIAL gift. Turns out her sister works with the great and immensely talented Rolfe Kent, who provided the score…one of my all-time favorites, in fact…to Alexander Payne’s now legendary film, Sideways. I’m telling you, not a trip to California Wine Country […]