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A Few Quiet Days in Las Vegas… (Part Two)

Around Day 3, I attempted to channel one of those arrogant male models from Europe, lounging about the sun-scorched Bamboo pool at the Cosmopolitan with my shirt off. But soon I got self-conscious, and placed it back on. It was also 120-degrees in the shade. I’m Frosty the Snowman in such cruel weather. I MELT. I’m […]

A Few Quiet Days in Las Vegas… (Part One)

When you go to Las Vegas, you’re not supposed to HIDE in your dark, air-conditioned hotel room for 5 days — reading books, watching lame “scary” movies on your laptop, WORKING, and making weird videos. No! You’re supposed to drink and party and gamble and suck down decadent buffet fare! You’re expected to hit a strip club […]

The Grape Greenhorn

Listen, I’m still putting together my Las Vegas/Grand Canyon relays for you, but I wanted to hop on the ol’ blog real quick to tell you about something that happened yesterday that I’m actually a little proud of. So a friend of mine back East (New Jersey) got himself a gig waiting tables at a fancy-pants […]

Max Koch SUCKS at VEGAS (New Video)

I really do. So I made a video about it. Yeah, I just got back from Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. I’m TOTALLY gonna post about the trip this week but I wanted to make sure you saw this vid first. So click the pic of The Cosmopolitan below (it’s where we stayed) and […]