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Napa Road Trip WRAP-UP and Another NEW Video

Good grapes!  Has it REALLY been 12 days since I last posted?? All apologies! I mean, how the hell am I supposed to gain momentum with this blog if I’m nothing but a slacker-offer??  Thanks a LOT, Major Depression! So where was I…? Oh, yeah, right! Napa Valley. Okay, so I gotta say the Napa […]

Max Koch’s LIFE on the FARM (New Video)

God bless my long-suffering wife. As of this past Halloween, we will have spent a good, long 15 years of marriage together. Tack on 7 more years of dating and living amongst one another and you have a LOT of hard time she’s labored. I. Am. A. CHORE. Speaking of labor…I’d love to share another new […]

Max Koch Goes to INGLENOOK (New Video)

I’m back! Lemme tell ya, Napa Valley wine country n’ me pretty much worked out our differences. We reconciled. We bonded. We gave each other neck rubs. Sure, I have a few beefs here and there that I’ll get into here on the blog in the coming days. But all in all, I have to declare, […]

Happy Halloween from Suisun City, CA.!

Today I celebrate 15 years of marriage to Nichole. That’s right, not only is Halloween my all-time favorite holiday, but also my damn wedding anniversary.  15 years ago tonight, 110 people gathered inside a crazy Italian restaurant in Fullerton called Angelo’s and Vinci’s. I say crazy because the walls are covered in Commedia dell’arte masks and they even have a “Monster Wine […]