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I Wanna Be Better

So here was my day yesterday: I woke up, fed my dogs, shoved breakfast, and out ran to the market for a few items. I came back, hopped online, hooked up my Skype, and co-interviewed bassist Kira Roessler from the legendary punk group Black Flag for the Cutting Room Movie Podcast show that I do (I […]


I love St. Pat’s! I’m legitimately partly Irish, too!  (Yeah, yeah, we all say that…) At any rate, it’s St. Pat’s again and today I plan to slow cook and bust open a bottle or two of joyous what-say-you. I’m thinking sparkling wine with blackberries, as I am weakly constructed for bourbon or Guinness. I also […]

Starland P.C.

My dear ol’ buddy Adam aka The Counselor and his awesome wife Vanessa have put together a brand-new website based around their 2015 television pilot, “Starland P.C.”. I make a cameo in this thing as a rabbi in an old 80’s-style mayonnaise commercial. I also recorded some voices on it and am currently cutting a little […]

Max Koch Goes to GRAPEVINE, TX., Part TWO (New Video)

Boarding the plane for my flight home to L.A. from Dallas, I had succumbed to a momentary lapse of reason. See, I’m one of these assholes who ALWAYS has to sit in an aisle seat, because I’m a major claustrophobe. Especially on a plane. Oh, I’ll pout if I don’t get my way on this. […]

Max Koch Goes to GRAPEVINE, TX., Part ONE (New Video)

Welp. I’m in love with a dude. Now before you scream out loud, “I KNEW IT!!”, just know that I’m talking about my new baby nephew, PJ (as I’m calling him). PJ is the sweetest, most gassy, most gurgle-y, most gremlin-y, most adorable, most intoxicating little human I have ever met in my life. My sister and bro-in-law have done […]