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Max Koch Gets ACUPUNCTURE (New Video)

I’ll be honest here: I don’t make many new friends these days. Sadly, I’ve become very distrusting of people who act like they wanna get close to me and that’s a bad thing. But my new friend Marica Thomas, who I took a hosting class with earlier this year, is one I don’t appear to distrust. […]

Retro Futura Show at the Greek

So some how, some way, my wife managed to rope me AGAIN into attending a night of 80’s acts at the Greek Theatre.  A lotta my friends crack my nuts because they think I don’t feel burdened at ALL to patronize these bands and that I love ALL 80’s music because, of course, I came […]

It’s County Fair Time!

It’s August 29th and the LA County Fair opens today!  I’ve ALWAYS been impressed with their Wine, Spirits & Beer Marketplace. Now, listen, I have no idea why I’m so excited to tell you all this.  I’m not even going this year.  Oh, no, no, a county fair is WAY too much work.  And I’ve been […]

Throwback Thursday Cartoon

I kinda love this whole “Throwback Thursday” / “Flashback Friday” thing that’s going on out there.  I was always the guy who didn’t mind when you sat me down to show me your old photo albums or screen me your home movies. Here’s one I drew back in ’05.  I believe this was at Bonny […]

The Dreaming Tree CRUSH

One thing I should make clear:  I am NOT a wine expert.  Since falling in love with wine back in 1996, I have been figuring this shit out as I GO. Case in point, last evening’s tasting of the The Dreaming Tree 2011 “Crush”, which is bottled in Geyserville, California. Now, I’ve never heard of […]

“Last Days Here”

Currently streaming on Netflix, “Last Days Here” tracks the sorry saga of heavy metal has-been Bobby Liebling’s near-triumphant return to the stage.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel just a little bit better about myself when I see creative-type guys like Bobby rise and fall and sorta half-ass rise again.  If gives me […]

New Moon Manifestations

Every time there’s a new moon, my wife makes me write out my “New Moon Manifestations”. Well, here we are, August 25th, and guess what:  there’s a new moon!  Using the moon to manifest what I want out of life is hokey and, dare I say, a little hogwash-y.  But I do it each and […]

Napa Quake

Arose to the unsettling news that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook the shit out of the Napa Valley wine region this morning.  While I was very sorry to hear there were a few injuries and some old buildings took a hit, I was FAR more concerned about the amount of wine that got wasted. For […]

Malcolm the Pug is NOT a Wine Dog…

If you’ve spent any time in California wine country, you have surely come across a wine dog.  They are usually very lazy and unmotivated and lying in a patch of shade somewhere on the property.  If you’re lucky, they will come and greet you as you roll up to the tasting room but then they […]