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Remember “The Last Temptation of Christ”?

Wow.  Remember Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ”? I was 18 when it came out in 1988 and I don’t even remember how many times I saw it, I was so smitten. Countless, countless times. It, like, POSSESSED me. I even dragged poor Jen Friedman to it on our first date. Problem is, I […]

“These Final Hours”

I am a BIG fan of End Times movies.  Especially ones like “Threads” and “When the Wind Blows.”  The Apocalypse has always been a major obsession of mine.  I’m even one of the few persons I know who prefers “Fear the Walking Dead” over “The Walking Dead” and I’ve read the Walking Dead books!  It […]

Squirrely (New Video)

Andy Rothenberg is one of the finest actors I know.  He’s also a dear old friend of mine.  Seriously, I’ve known the dude for 30 years now.  We used to be in a successful sketch group together called Upstage Comedy.  These days, you might recognize Andy from such iconic shows as “The Walking Dead”, “True […]

An Artful Afternoon with CHRISTIE MELLOR (New Video)

My friend Christie Mellor is a unique and marvelous talent. She paints, she draws, she sings, she writes, she gardens, she mothers. I mean, it never ENDS with this woman! And now I’m very excited to share with you my new video – a “docu-portrait”, if you will – about a recent afternoon I spent with her. […]