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Archive for June 2015

Wrestling Bears

It feels SO good to sit down at my desk right now. It’s been a week of drama, illness, and rearranging schedules. It’s only Wednesday, I know, but no matter! This week’s been a bear to wrestle… First and foremost, I’ve had to play Nurse Norman for my wife, who woke up at 3am Tuesday morning feeling dizzy […]

A New Form of Creative Expression…?

So if you happen to follow me on social media, particularly my Instagram, you may have noticed lately that I’ve been posting a lotta pics of smashed-up and/or kicked-to-the-curb furniture pieces with cartoony faces drawn on ’em. Truth is, I can’t seem to suffer enough for my stupid, so-called art, so…turns out this is just a […]

Uncle Pat’s 24-Hour Visit (New Video)

Look, I’m not gonna sugarcoat this: My uncle Patrick is a very, very, bad boy. A womanizing, rebel-rousing, rule-breaking party boy.  Wait a minute! Party BOY? He just turned 62 years old! Yeah, my uncle’s all kinds of trouble. Not to mention, nomadic and untethered as all get-out by loved ones. In fact, I hadn’t seen him since […]