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“Happy Human Centipede Day!!!”

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING UNCORKED ENTRY MAY OFFEND YOU BASED ON THE SUBJECT MANNER. READER DISCRETION ADVISED. So here’s what I declared on Facebook this past Friday morning: Today…is Human Centipede Day. Yes. Yes, it’s true. Adam and Brett are coming over and we are taking in ALL 3 HUMAN CENTIPEDE MOVIES (Part III is out today). […]


In 1986, when I was 16 years old, my late, beloved grandma (Betty Koch) bought me my first-ever video camera. It was a bulky, unwieldy, Panasonic VHS cassette-containing number that came with a chunky, rechargeable battery the size of a Wonka bar. Grandma had taken me shopping for the unit at the now-defunct Circuit City in […]

Goodbye, Los Angeles Times…

So I’ve been a Los Angeles Times daily reader/newsstand purchaser/subscriber for 25+ years. The past few of those 365 day-ers, the reliability of their service had plummeted to periods of paucity I never thought possible. It got to the point where even a WEEK wouldn’t go by where I wasn’t sending them an angry e-mail with […]

“For my Mom…”

Back in 2013, I made this little video in honor of my mom for Mother’s Day that I posted on Facebook.  Raising a glass to all mommies everywhere…  WINE PAIRING: Women LOVE white wines. And moms will especially enjoy the 2014 La Playa Sauvignon Blanc from the Curicó Valley in Chile. Zesty, sexy, and a little […]

Max and James go FANCY TOILET SHOPPING (New Video)

I really have made some fabulous friends over the more recent years of my absurd life. Take my dear buddy, actor/writer/master chef James Sie, for example. I met James during my run on Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. James (he “permits” me to call him “Jim”) is simply one of the few people I got […]

Karen the Nurse

Yesterday morning, I got my last allergy shot. Initially prescribed to me by my ENT doc, I’ve been getting them for three years now. When I first did the scratch test, I was told by Karen the nurse (who administered it) that I’m pretty much allergic to everything. That I should basically be living in […]