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Max Koch Stays at the SHORELINE INN (New Video)

Shoreline Inn…on the beach is my most favorite place on Earth. There. I said it. RANDOM DOUCHE-ROCKET:  Where’s Shoreline Inn…on the beach, Max? Is it actually ON the beach? ME: Yes. It’s actually ON the beach. RD: Which beach, somewhere down in San Diego? ME: NO!! God no. RD: No? ME: No. RD: Oh. You got something against […]

Max Koch Goes to EBERLE WINERY (New Video)

Winemaker Gary Eberle, the “Pioneer of Paso Robles”, knows a little something about football. He went to Penn State on a football scholarship and graduated with a BS in biology. Me, I know NOTHING about football. But I do feel I know a few things about wine. And my tour of the Eberle Winery was one of […]

Max Koch’s OYSTER CURSE (New Video)

It’s Friday! And you know what that means. Two days of NO bitching. Unless, of course, you have to work on the weekends. Or live with truly horrible people you can’t stand. Listen, I bitch a LOT. This I know. I complain and rant and foam over RIDICULOUS things. Things so insignificant, that, if you knew me, […]

Max Koch’s BIZARRE ENCOUNTER in Downtown Paso Robles (New Video)

My wife is always calling me a “freak magnet”. And she’s too correct, as usual. But I subscribe to the word “Oddwin”, created for me by my buddy, Joe Dungan. It’s the Oddwins of the world I can hack. The outcasts, the have-nots, the cast-asides, the once-weres. I can easily talk to most anyone I randomly encounter on […]

Max Koch Goes to BIANCHI WINERY (New Video)

Well, whaddya know! I’m back from my trip to the central coast!  Lemme tell you, NOTHING is more depressing than having to come back to L.A. after four days of wine tasting, ocean waves, (some) great food, and, of course, Shoreline Inn… on the beach. HOWEVER… I was fired-up to get back home to cut together all […]

Burning Out…

Two nights this week my dog Malcolm had diarrhea. That’s two nights I lost sleep because I had to keep taking the poor little bugger down and out into the streets because I can’t have pug poo soup stinking up my condo and staining my Berber carpets (now don’t take me on about Berber, I agree, it sucks). […]

Gonna be a Guest on “The Anthony Cumia Show”, 9/17

I was invited to call in tomorrow (9/17/2014) at 4:30 EST to the Anthony Cumia Show. You might know Cumia as a former cast member of the widely popular Opie & Anthony Show. And now, like a true maverick, he has branched out with his very own program, dictated by his terms. It’s quite an impressive enterprise, too. I […]

Max and Jenna go on a JOYRIDE (New Video)

I did it! I did it! I really did it! I LEARNED iMOVIE!!! No, you don’t understand. This is a MAJOR breakthrough for me. Have I mentioned how lame I am at technology??  I’ve been TERRIFIED of learning a new editing program since I switched from PC to MAC. But I shot a fun video with […]

The Dark Harvest is Upon Us Again…

Counting down the leaves to September 23, the first day of autumn. Summer is still here and I hate it more than ever. Breaking local news alerts keep popping on my phone that an “intense” heat wave is about to broil our organs and roast our skins alive out here in the drought-stricken Southern California hellscape. It doesn’t […]

“Sons of Anarchy” & Me

If you’re at all familiar with my F-level YouTube fame, you know me as the guy who did all those Tony Soprano tribute videos. “The Sopranos” is my favorite dramatic series of all time and it really killed me when the show ended in 2007. So part of the fun of those clips was trying to keep the […]