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“Exists” by Eduardo Sánchez

Scare flick fans either love or loathe “The Blair Witch Project”. Personally, I can’t ever get enough of it. Outside of the fact that it was the first real cultural happening/marketing miracle centered around a found footage horror film (pre-dating the “Paranormal Activity” phenomenon by about 8 years), it also spawned a killer companion book and documentary further […]

New Max Koch HALLOWEEN Video Playlist!

I’ve made a lotta crazy videos over the years for YouTube but my favorites are always the Halloween-themed ones. So I decided to put together a playlist of these in case you mighta missed one or two or…ten. Oh, there’s all KINDS of terrible tidings to behold here: You’ll get a zany gay cannibal, Jeff Bridges […]

Top 12 Trippiest Moments From…

THE DANIEL LANOIS ENCOUNTER LAST NIGHT AT THE GRAMMY MUSEUM: 12. Announced that he had created a new musical language that all walks of life would understand. 11. Is hell-bent on recording an entire record in the backseat of his ’72 Cadillac. 10. Was dressed like “Billy Bob Thornton meets Apocalyptic Trucker” and kept chewing […]

Max Koch Goes to VAMPIRE VINEYARDS (New Video)

Just in time for Halloween (my all-time favorite holiday), I have made a new video about my rockin’ good time at Vampire Vineyards Tasting Room & Lounge in Beverly Hills. I’ve written about VV before on this blog, but now you’ll get to really see and hear just how spooky and sexy and fabulous this place […]

Something’s Been Haunting Me…

A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine from the old days (who I actually hardly ever see) invited me to attend the wake of his deceased mother, who had passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. I had no idea WHY I was invited, but I knew somehow, mysteriously, that it was inevitable I would be attending. Our mutual friend picked […]

Max Koch Goes to CASA CASSARA (New Video)

It was a whirlwind couple of days for me this past weekend. Went up to Los Olivos on Friday to check out the 10th anniversary celebration of “Sideways” at Kalyra winery (where we first meet sexy Sandra Oh’s character, Stephanie, in the film). We sat outside under the stars and watched the film as we ate […]

Harvest Movie Night: “Sideways” at Kalyra

The wife and I are wine club members at Kalyra, and we’re all fired up to take in one of their Harvest Movie Night events this weekend. Can you guess which one? I’ll wait… You did it! Yes, that’s correct, we’re gonna sit outside and watch “Sideways” at the vineyard amphitheater while tasting Kalyra wines and mowing on […]

Max Koch Goes to STOLO WINERY (New Video)

Skittles. Starburst. Nerds. Gummy Worms. Mike and Ikes. Jolly Ranchers. These are the main addictive treats I fight very hard to avoid these days. My success rate is about 78%. However…Beef Jerky? I can’t avoid. But here’s the thing! I usually ONLY consume a small bag or two of BF when I’m on a road trip. There’s just […]

And the Grammy Goes to…Harry Dean Stanton??

The highlight of this past week for me, hands down, was attending the REEL TO REEL: HARRY DEAN STANTON: PARTLY FICTION event at the Grammy Museum in Downtown Los Angeles with Cousin Lorenzo and The Counselor. Harry Dean is one of my all-time favorite actors, so to be able to sit in the front row, less […]