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Hey, Madonna…

Hey, Madonna. How’s it goin’. Max Koch here. You don’t know me. So, listen, saw your show last night at the fabulous Forum in Inglewood. I’ve actually seen you live a whopping SEVEN times now. I’ll be honest, it’s only because my wife is a longtime rabid – and I mean FOAMING – fan of yours, […]

5 “Scary Questions” for Cartoonist James A. Roberson

‘Tis the season!  Halloween is ALMOST here.  Have you checked for monsters under your bed yet…? Ooo!  Speaking of monsters, I thought it would be a lotta fun to ask my friend and fellow (reclusive) cartoonist, James A. Roberson, five “Scary Questions” in honor of Halloween.  I met James when he was a guest on The […]

Max Koch Goes to SAVOR the CENTRAL COAST (New Video)

It was SO good to get the hell outta The Big Orange last week and once again rock it on up to our most desired destination of all, the Central Coast of California. This was our only real extended vacation for the year and so we chose to hit some spectacular wineries in Paso Robles we had yet […]