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Magazine Podcast

Man. I’ve been podcasting for so long, it used to be called internet radio. It’s crazy…but it’s also my business, radio, so it makes cyclical sense that I once again find myself behind a microphone in a cool, dark studio…shootin’ the shit and havin’ a ball with people I enjoy jibber-jabbering with. It’s SO fun to just be “Max Koch” sometimes, no matter how hard the dude can get on my nerves whenever I listen back.

So after so many years of “Max Koch’s Mimosa” and “The Cutting Room Movie Podcast” and my own upcoming “Max Koch Uncorked” show, I’m pleased to introduce “Magazine”, a podcast my Cousin Lorenzo has created–and invited me to join him on. We are having a super-fun time and the first 4 episodes are now available for download. Lorenzo’s a great guy who I’ve known since I was a prepubescent! He’s also very funny and mellow and musical and so it’s no wonder he and The Counselor always got on so well. And speaking of The Counselor, he’s sure to join us in the studio one of these damn days, the busy bastard.

So click the pic of Lorenzo and me below and GO. And if you like it, please feel free to follow our Soundcloud page for more eps. Lorenzo’s also working on getting the thing to iTunes as I type this.

WINE PAIRING: I’ve brought a few bottles of wine into the studio but wouldn’t you know it, it was Fess Parker’s Frontier Red that Cousin Lorenzo has so far responded to the most enthusiastically. It’s an unbeatable blend from multiple Golden State appellations that retails for less than ten bucks! Perfect for a “free podcasts only” budget.