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How the hell are ya?

This week I made a bit of a return to YouTube after a 4 year hiatus. Mainly because I was a little saddened that they had severed the partner program in 2016. Well, now I’m over it as I appear to be a partner again. And while I was mainly focusing on using my Instagram for content, I realized that videos longer than a minute really belong on YouTube or Vimeo so there’s no disruption in the flow of the thing. Plus I’m not nearly as reactive as I used to be to the occasional negative comment or insult. A pandemic and a coupla existential crises will do that to a man. So while I will still continue to post new vids and clips from the past on my Insta as a sort of “digital gallery” of my creative (and sometimes personal) life here on good ol’ exhausted Planet Earth…I am happy to say that I will also be uploading regularly to YouTube whenever the urge strikes me.

Case in point, I have a new series of Tony Soprano-related vids I am making called “Tony’s Tavern. The tag line being: What if the world’s greatest wiseguy was living a new life? With PUPPETS! I uploaded all seven of them (so far) to YouTube this week and it appears to be going very well, knock on my own head. I do enjoy making these because I can focus on channeling Tony as a bartender running his own joint, stuck in a kind of purgatory. But I can also include puppets and/or original characters…and of course, old standbys like “Bob De Niro” and “Jack Nicholson”. Look, it’s ALL because I love to make people laugh or cry. And right now we need all the damn laughs and tears of catharsis we can get.

Finally, I just posted a new video today of me channeling my all-time favorite writer, Charles Bukowski. Click the pic of me as him below and GO. And please…take care out there.

WINE PAIRING: My dear friend and downstairs neighbor Bekka is preparing a red sangria for me as I type this…

Koch as Bukowski