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New Stuff

How the hell are ya? This week I made a bit of a return to YouTube after a 4 year hiatus. Mainly because I was a little saddened that they had severed the partner program in 2016. Well, now I’m over it as I appear to be a partner again. And while I was mainly […]

My 2016 Year-End Wrap-Up

Pop a neck brace on, cuz I’m about to give you some WHIPLASH! All in all, it was another year of frustration, set-backs, neglected goals…and, okay, maybe a few bursts of good fortune. I can also declare 2016 THE most nightmarish year of my lifetime, personally, for politics. Remember those Republican debates…? Also, I’ve never seen so many […]

New Video: “Max Koch’s HALLOWEEN HELLSHOW 2016”

Well, it looks like I just “dropped” my latest Hellshow on YouTube! Now, listen, I’ve made a LOT of Halloween videos over the years, and honestly, I had NO idea I was gonna even gonna bother with one this year – I had skipped 2015 cuz views were so down – but sometimes inspiration brutally […]

Happy Anniversary, YouTube!

Ten years today, YouTube, baby! You n’ me? Ten long, short, up, down, happy, sad, crazy, mad years. Why it only seems like yesterday – July 21, 2006, to be exact – that a female friend of mine told me I should “sign up for YouTube” (“for what, like, online classes?”) and film myself doing my […]

Waiting Tables (New Video)

Holy crap, was I a lousy waiter. I did NOT fare well in food service. And it’s so crazy, because I just read a story about how Restaurant Workers haven’t gotten a min. wage hike in 25 years. NOT COOL, MAN. Anyhow. The point is: I’ve just uploaded a new video about how much I sucked […]

Been Takin’ A Look Back…

Tony Soprano said it best: “Remember When is the lowest form of conversation.” Now as much as I agree with T, I still can’t help but reflect on my 45 years of life thus far…mainly because I am now focusing hardcore on an autobiographical graphic novel-type project I’ve been starting and stopping for years. I don’t […]

“Soft Hold Cancelled”

Late last year, a writer friend encouraged me to audition for an upcoming game show (?) hosted by Dana Carvey called “First Impressions.” Now listen, I am the first to tell you: I never considered myself to be much of an impressionist. Yeah, I made some videos for YouTube that went viral of me pretending […]

Max Koch SUCKS at VEGAS (New Video)

I really do. So I made a video about it. Yeah, I just got back from Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. I’m TOTALLY gonna post about the trip this week but I wanted to make sure you saw this vid first. So click the pic of The Cosmopolitan below (it’s where we stayed) and […]