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How the hell are ya?

This week I made a bit of a return to YouTube after a 4 year hiatus. Mainly because I was a little saddened that they had severed the partner program in 2016. Well, now I’m over it as I appear to be a partner again. And while I was mainly focusing on using my Instagram for content, I realized that videos longer than a minute really belong on YouTube or Vimeo so there’s no disruption in the flow of the thing. Plus I’m not nearly as reactive as I used to be to the occasional negative comment or insult. A pandemic and a coupla existential crises will do that to a man. So while I will still continue to post new vids and clips from the past on my Insta as a sort of “digital gallery” of my creative (and sometimes personal) life here on good ol’ exhausted Planet Earth…I am happy to say that I will also be uploading regularly to YouTube whenever the urge strikes me.

Case in point, I have a new series of Tony Soprano-related vids I am making called “Tony’s Tavern. The tag line being: What if the world’s greatest wiseguy was living a new life? With PUPPETS! I uploaded all seven of them (so far) to YouTube this week and it appears to be going very well, knock on my own head. I do enjoy making these because I can focus on channeling Tony as a bartender running his own joint, stuck in a kind of purgatory. But I can also include puppets and/or original characters…and of course, old standbys like “Bob De Niro” and “Jack Nicholson”. Look, it’s ALL because I love to make people laugh or cry. And right now we need all the damn laughs and tears of catharsis we can get.

Finally, I just posted a new video today of me channeling my all-time favorite writer, Charles Bukowski. Click the pic of me as him below and GO. And please…take care out there.

WINE PAIRING: My dear friend and downstairs neighbor Bekka is preparing a red sangria for me as I type this…

Koch as Bukowski

“Red Leaf Complex” Season Finale

Man, two and a half years of writing, filming, and editing…

Fourteen weeks uploading every Friday…

Is finished.

The fourteenth (season finale) episode of “Red Leaf Complex” – an original horror series by Brett Pearsons and myself – has arrived. All thirteen other episodes are also available on my Vimeo channel.

Thank you for watching and please spread the word on this one, if you like it.

Most of all, take care of yourselves.

Red Leaf Complex (2020)

For the past two and a half years, my dear ol’ pal Brett Pearsons and I have been working on a brand-new horror-themed series for my Vimeo channel called Red Leaf Complex, featuring a cast of over 20 spectacular actors. Here’s the lowdown:

In this 14 episode horror series by creators Brett Pearsons and Max Koch, a group of tenants living in an apartment building fall prey to dark forces and ominous occurrences.

I know we are all in Hell right now, what with this worldwide pandemic going down.  We certainly didn’t CHOOSE such an unfathomable time in history to release our passion project, but…here we are. And so it is my hope that you consider checking out the first 3 episodes, now streaming on Vimeo. Perhaps you’ll go so far as to add RLC to your list of entertainment options while social-distancing or being quarantined. We worked SO hard on this thing and would love nothing more than to build an audience with it. It’s 100% free to watch and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about it. New episodes will appear every Friday.

So click the pic below and GO to Episode One. And don’t forget to take CARE out there.  

Love, Max

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 8.49.45 AM



“A Couple of Three Things”

Hey! How’s it goin’?? I wanna tell ya a couple of three things

ONE: I’m back on Netflix in another episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. I voice a giant laser monster with a vaguely-European accent named Laserlightmare and not one but TWO hillbillies named Billy. Click HERE to go straight to the episode!


TWO: I have a new Cheetos TV spot running that I think you’ll enjoy.  Go HERE to see that one.  It’s funny.

THREE:  Also Cheetos-related, The House of Flamin’ Haute salon and fashion show went down in NYC this past week and I was just blown away by all of the wonderful colors and creativity.  You can check out the runway experience HERE, featuring a book-ended appearance by your favorite spokes-cheetah.


I hope you are all getting ready for the autumn season and subsequent Halloween havoc like I am.  I asked my wife if she had a problem with me decorating in early September and she said, “have at it!” So check out the new ornament I purchased today at the 99 Cents Only store.

WINE PAIRING:  Yesterday, Cousin Lorenzo and I recorded a new episode of our Guys Day In podcast and I brought down a bottle of the 2016 Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.  It opened up SO quickly. A flourish of fruit and rich goodness that totally rocked our stemware!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas again already??  Holy crap!

Well, there it was.  Another year gone by.  Anyone who’s getting old (including myself) will tell you: Life is SHORT.  Seems like just yesterday I was posting a pic of my two dogs with a MALL SANTA.  

Ah, well.  The good news is, it’s been a busy and productive year.  I haven’t spoken much about it on social media, but I spent most of my time working on a new project I hope to put out into the world in 2019. Just know it involves scares, creeps, shocks, and a LOT of my talented actor friends.

I’m tired.  Hell, I always am this time of year.  But I’m also grateful for my loved ones, my voice-acting gigs, my L.A. Zoo membership (I basically go watch gorillas eat breakfast) and Narcos: Mexico.  Have you seen it yet??  Well, if not, TREAT YOURSELF this holiday season.  I’m going through it for my second time, showing it to the wife.

As for you, I wish you and yours the very best for now, the new year, and beyond. My buddy Joe once asked me what I thought the meaning of life was.  All I could say was, “have as much fun as possible.” Trite, I know, but…it still rings true for me.

So go have FUN, damn it!  Life’s too short, remember? Why are you wasting time reading this blog entry??

WINE PAIRING:  Tomorrow morning, we will be opening presents while drinking the Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini.  Cheers and merriment will no doubt abound…


Update and Quick “Ghost” Story…

My most favorite time of year is just around the bend!

Oh, who’m I kidding, it is DEFINITELY already here.  With the Halloween season comes ghosts, goblins, witches, falling leaves, jack-o-lanterns, horror movies, pumpkin-spice-everything and fortune tellings. Speaking of which!  Check out this fun, spooky, new campaign I got to work on.  


Your favorite snack brand also launched a new pop-up restaurant in Hollywood this week called The Flamin’ Hot Spot.  My wife and I were invited to enjoy all of the amazing foodie goods put together by Chef Roy Choi, who I even got to meet personally.  He was SO cool.  And the place was put together fabulously.  It was like a Chester ART MUSEUM in there…and we kinda never wanted to leave.  




So are you ready for a quick ghost story…?  I posted this on my Facebook last week:

I could barely face the one-year deathiversary of Mickey the pug yesterday but something REALLY strange happened very early Sunday morning.

We have this digital frame in our living room filled with Mick pics and it hadn’t been turned on in a good long while. We keep it atop the little polished, wooden box they sent his ashes it. So I woke up around 3am and came out into the living room for a security check and wouldn’t you know it, the darn thing was ON…flashing the pics. You need a remote to turn it on. Like…it takes a WHILE to get going.

I got really freaked out. This had NEVER happened with the frame. Nic says it was Mick saying hello but the logic part of me couldn’t understand how it happened. So I clicked it off with the remote and sat there in the dark for about an hour.

Listen, it’s not like this sorta thing hasn’t happened to me before. I try so hard to be very open to small miracles. But this one has taken me a few days to process. It’s OK if you think I’m fulla crap. But I just wanted to share.

WINE PAIRING: I forgot to mention, ’tis the season when we start to see more BLACK CATS about…
Happy Almost October!