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Max Koch Goes to VAMPIRE VINEYARDS (New Video)

Just in time for Halloween (my all-time favorite holiday), I have made a new video about my rockin’ good time at Vampire Vineyards Tasting Room & Lounge in Beverly Hills. I’ve written about VV before on this blog, but now you’ll get to really see and hear just how spooky and sexy and fabulous this place is.

What I loved most about this experience was chatting with the manager, Creighton Brown. I mean, you have to understand, I walked into this place donning a dopey DRACULA CAPE, asking if I could shoot footage. Now I’m sure he’s seen this before (and worse)…but Creighton could not have been more cool and accommodating, as you will soon see. And as tasty and seductive as the wines were, I think they were made all the better by the environment. I could LIVE there, it’s so rad.

Now there are TWO ways you can witness Creighton invite me into Vampire Vineyards. Either as part of my new 2014 Halloween Hellshow video (where you’ll also get spoofs of “Wolf Creek” and “Project Runway”), or simply click the pic of the Count Maxula below for the clip of the visit alone.

WINE PAIRING: The 2009 Dracula Syrah from Paso Robles should pop your fangs, for sure. I love it. Ideally, you wanna wear a cape while you sip it like I do. You can pick one up at Rite Aid right now for 50% off!

Count Maxula