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Max Koch Goes to EBERLE WINERY (New Video)

Winemaker Gary Eberle, the “Pioneer of Paso Robles”, knows a little something about football. He went to Penn State on a football scholarship and graduated with a BS in biology. Me, I know NOTHING about football. But I do feel I know a few things about wine. And my tour of the Eberle Winery was one of the most surreal vineyard visits I’ve enjoyed in recent memory.

I don’t wanna give too much away, since you’re hopefully about to watch the video of my adventure, but I can tell you this: Eberle is a stop you wanna make if ever cruising East Highway 46 in Paso Robles. It is One of a Kind.

Click the pic of the eberle (“small boar”) below and GO!




WINE PAIRING: The Eberle Full Boar Red was the one I was most excited to sample. I love a hearty blend, and this little snorter delivers. Special thanks to Tim behind the counter for being so awesome to us, too.

(“Little snorter”?  Max?)