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Gonna be a Guest on “The Anthony Cumia Show”, 9/17

I was invited to call in tomorrow (9/17/2014) at 4:30 EST to the Anthony Cumia Show. You might know Cumia as a former cast member of the widely popular Opie & Anthony Show. And now, like a true maverick, he has branched out with his very own program, dictated by his terms. It’s quite an impressive enterprise, too. I think this is a dude living the dream. He has built his own state-of-the art media studio in the basement of his house. Now considering how often I live to sit and drink and talk behind a microphone without having to go out into this awful world, THIS is a life I consider enviable.


Cumia has always been tremendously supportive of my crap, going back to 2013 when they first talked about me on the O&A show. I called in 2 more times after that, including the day after James Gandolfini died, when I was quite grief-stricken and half out of my mind on Ambien because I couldn’t sleep (it was, like, 4am my time when I spoke to them). 

Anyway, here’s hoping this goes well. If not, I’m SURE I’ll hear about it on Twitter. For if it wasn’t for Cumia and his generous endorsements, I probably wouldn’t have a single follower on that dopey thing.

WINE PAIRING: No idea if Anthony Cumia enjoys wine or not (I hope to ask him), but considering his Italian descent and love of “The Sopranos”, I am going to suggest the 2004 Illuminati Riparosso from Abruzzo, Italy. Or, you know, any full-bodied red blend from The Boot you can score!