Max Koch Uncorked

Wine-soaked adventures through a twisted life…

“Gramps: Beneath the Surface” Now on Vimeo

“In 2006, filmmakers Max Koch and The Counselor went deep into the California desert to spend a weekend with Max’s step-grandfather, Dick Surface. Armed only with a $300 Sony Handi-cam, a lot of beer, and the desire to capture a bit of Dick’s desert life-style, they ended up delving deeper into Dick’s psyche than expected. Drawn into Dick’s routine, they got a glimpse into his world – his family and friends, his joys and regrets, and his often controversial views and positions. But as the camera kept rolling, long misunderstandings came to light and family secrets were uncovered, forever changing Max’s understanding of his family, and his relationship with Dick. Now, on the occasion of the 10-Year Anniversary of this fateful weekend, Max and The Counselor invite you to grab a cold one and head back out to California City to really get to know “Gramps: Beneath the Surface.”

WINE PAIRING: Uh-oh, in honor of Gramps, it will have to be his favorite beverage at the time…Coors Light! (I know, I know…sacrilege! But sometimes you must acknowledge The Silver Bullet! Even in a wine-centric blog…)

To watch the doc in its entirety, click the pic below and GO:


An unused drawing I did for the doc back in 2006. My Grandpa Bill taught me how to fish using Planter’s cheese balls as bait.