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“Purple Rain” and Me

Purple Rain was my favorite flick and soundtrack when I was 14.  I remember seeing it over and over and over again at the theaters over on Parthenia street in Northridge. I musta seen that thing 11 or 12 times. Of course, I never went for popcorn or a pee during the scene where The Kid feels up Apollonia Kotero’s pussy from behind. In fact, it was that very moment in the movie that got me into seriously scalding water with my rather conservative grandmother, Betty Koch.

(Wait, Max, what…?  What does your GRANDMA have to do with Purple Rain???) 

Well, I’ll tell you:  When Grandma Koch flew into town for a visit that year – all the way from Lansing, Michigan – I wanted to give her a real wild, L.A.-type “experience.”  So I took her to see Prince’s big-screen debut.  ONE of the most wretched ideas I’ve ever had.

This was a diminutive woman.  In fact, she might have even been taller than Prince.  And she was appalled.  So much so that she got up and STORMED OUT during the above-mentioned scene of tawdriness.

I think I was entering a very rebellious stage in my development and so I wanted to show this poor, dear woman I loved and adored so deeply what I was getting into.  What meant something to ME.  Well, it was a jerk move and I regret it to this day.

Or do I…?

The fact is, the following Christmas, Grandma Koch sent me a brand-new, VHS copy of Purple Rain and a letter of apology for being so close-minded and not being appreciative enough of my “developing tastes in cinema.”  SHE was saying sorry to ME!!  And this was back when, like, buying movies on VHS was REALLY expensive!

I couldn’t believe it.  I instantly broke down and called her to thank her and beg forgiveness.

That was my Grandma Koch. And my most fondest memory of Prince art.


WINE PAIRING: The 2013 Purple Paradise from Chronic Cellars.

Don’t care where you go.

Don’t care what you do.

Don’t care, pretty baby.

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