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I Was a TEENAGE Max Koch (New Video)

You ever look back at yourself during your teen years and scream, “WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!?!”

Oh, wait. We’ve ALL done that. Only some of us don’t have the balls to share that once zitty, smelly, gangly, goofy, awkward, embarrassing, oversexed version of ourselves. Well, not your ol’ buddy, Max! Oh, no, I am DESTINED to exploit old footage I found of a young, shirtless me from 1986, talking to himself in a mirror, all the while wielding his first-ever video camera.

Screw it, why don’t I just shut up and let you see for yourself. The vid’s only been up for a few minutes and it already has 9 likes on YouTube, 1 like on Twitter (hate Twitter), and 12 likes on Facebook. So click the pic of teenage me below and GO!

Young Max with Video Camera

WINE PAIRING: This Sunday is Easter, so…when Jesus rises, have Him over to your house for supper before he disappears again. He’ll be pretty famished, believe me. And best of all, He can turn your glass of water into a glass of Beaulieu Vineyard 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon! Everyone loves BV and you can find it everywhere