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The Dreaming Tree CRUSH

One thing I should make clear:  I am NOT a wine expert.  Since falling in love with wine back in 1996, I have been figuring this shit out as I GO.

Dreaming Tree

Case in point, last evening’s tasting of the The Dreaming Tree 2011 “Crush”, which is bottled in Geyserville, California. Now, I’ve never heard of this wine before. I don’t know anything ABOUT this wine. All I know is that it was on sale at the Vons in Burbank for what I thought was a reasonable price.  And that I liked the look of the label. And the fact that the word “Crush” on the label looked like it was scrawled in crimson blood with a quill.

The words “Red Wine” were enough for me.  That told me it was a blend of red varietals.  Whatever they gotta get rid of up there at the Dreaming Tree works for me.  Throw it all in one bottle, I’m not asking any questions. I just know I needed a red for the evening because my friend, Adam (aka The Counselor), was coming over and I know he’s a red man.  Okay, he’s primarily a Tempranillo man, but much to my annoyance, the Vons chick in the wine aisle told me they don’t carry any Tempranillos, which is just stupid.  But whatever.

Then this went down…

THE COUNSELOR:  So what’s the blend?

ME:  (trying to read the label as I fumble with my readers)  It doesn’t say.

TC:  It doesn’t say?

ME:  No, it just says… Red Wine.

TC:  Really.  Not 20% Zinfandel… 10% Merlot… et cetera?

ME:  No, just (reading aloud) “CRUSH (RED WINE) NORTH COAST 2011”.

TC:  North Coast?

ME:  I don’t know!  Somewhere in the higher-up part of California.

TC:  The “higher-up part”?  Huh.  But we still don’t know what blend the wine is?

ME:  No.  Why?  Does that matter to you??  Why does it matter?

TC:  Dude, I’m merely a man asking a question.  I didn’t say it mattered.  I was simply curious.

ME:  It’s a RED wine!

TC:  So I’ve gathered.

ME:  Well, what, are you saying you’re not interested in trying it now?

TC:  Oh, I’m VERY interested in trying it now…



Oh.  So, yeah, for a few minutes there, I wasn’t sure if the Counselor was in sync with me on trying this wine. Well, come on!  Whaddo I know?  People can be so fussy about what they like and don’t, I get insecure!  Even around my friend who I’ve known for well over two decades!

But we tried it.  And we liked it.

Yeah, I try EVERYTHING.  I don’t discriminate.  Price.  Label.  Vineyard.  Varietal. Bring it.  Wine is an adventure, man!

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