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A Very Special Gift

My very dear, very generous friend, Nicole, AKA Green Girl, recently hooked me up with a very SPECIAL gift.

Turns out her sister works with the great and immensely talented Rolfe Kent, who provided the score…one of my all-time favorites, in fact…to Alexander Payne’s now legendary film, Sideways. I’m telling you, not a trip to California Wine Country goes by when the wife and I don’t pop on the soundtrack to my most sincere of all soul movies. Oh, the accompaniment it provides during our drives from tasting room to tasting room. 

So now look what’s come in the mail! A limited edition colored vinyl LP of the score, personally autographed by Mr. Kent himself. (And fun fact: Kent also composed the opening theme to Showtime’s Dexter!)

Rolfe Kent Autograph 1

“To Max, May you find Zen in the art of drinking. – Rolfe Kent”

Rolfe Kent Autograph 2

THANK YOU, Nicole, Sterling, and Rolfe! I will absolutely treasure this Very Special Gift. And best of all, I have a reliable turntable to spin it on…

WINE PAIRING: For shits and giggles, I dare you to indulge in the 2013 Estate Merlot from Gainey. Sure, Miles may actually leave the restaurant if anyone orders Merlot…but I’m pretty confident this under $25 black cherry beaut will withstand his hilarious, bombastic protesting.