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In 1986, when I was 16 years old, my late, beloved grandma (Betty Koch) bought me my first-ever video camera. It was a bulky, unwieldy, Panasonic VHS cassette-containing number that came with a chunky, rechargeable battery the size of a Wonka bar. Grandma had taken me shopping for the unit at the now-defunct Circuit City in […]


I love St. Pat’s! I’m legitimately partly Irish, too!  (Yeah, yeah, we all say that…) At any rate, it’s St. Pat’s again and today I plan to slow cook and bust open a bottle or two of joyous what-say-you. I’m thinking sparkling wine with blackberries, as I am weakly constructed for bourbon or Guinness. I also […]

New Max Koch HALLOWEEN Video Playlist!

I’ve made a lotta crazy videos over the years for YouTube but my favorites are always the Halloween-themed ones. So I decided to put together a playlist of these in case you mighta missed one or two or…ten. Oh, there’s all KINDS of terrible tidings to behold here: You’ll get a zany gay cannibal, Jeff Bridges […]