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Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery

RIP: Doug Paul

It was shattering for me to learn that my funny-as-hell, winemaking, voiceover buddy Doug Paul – out in Dahlonega, GA. – had passed away this week due to heart failure resulting from pulmonary fibrosis.  Survived by his wife and daughter, Sharon and Mittie, Doug was only 59 years old.   When Nic and I went out to explore […]

Wrestling Bears

It feels SO good to sit down at my desk right now. It’s been a week of drama, illness, and rearranging schedules. It’s only Wednesday, I know, but no matter! This week’s been a bear to wrestle… First and foremost, I’ve had to play Nurse Norman for my wife, who woke up at 3am Tuesday morning feeling dizzy […]

Max Koch and the FAT BOY RED (New Video)

It’s SO good to have friends who are winemakers. Especially when they send you 4 bottles of their beautiful stuff all the way from Georgia Wine Country! I’ve mentioned the ever-awesome Doug Paul and his Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery before here on the blog. But now Doug’s REALLY gone n’ done it by Fed […]

“The Ten ComMAXments”

My friend Doug Paul owns and operates Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery in Dahlonega, Georgia. You would not believe the splendor of Georgia wine country, in case you had no idea it existed. I was blown away when I went out there a few years ago. It’s SO special. Nic had a conference to attend […]