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Am I Floundering…?

Am I floundering? I ask myself. I’m telling you, man, at 46 years of age, this middle-age game is rough. I’m starting to have a lot of those “Get off my lawn!” moments and it bothers me a bit. I was always a very edgy, open-minded guy but I feel I have grown very impatient over […]

Gonna be a Guest on “The Anthony Cumia Show”, 9/17

I was invited to call in tomorrow (9/17/2014) at 4:30 EST to the Anthony Cumia Show. You might know Cumia as a former cast member of the widely popular Opie & Anthony Show. And now, like a true maverick, he has branched out with his very own program, dictated by his terms. It’s quite an impressive enterprise, too. I […]