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The Brrr Months

Well, here we are.  November’s arrived and things are starting to wind down.  I’m pretty grateful for that right now because it has been one HECKUVA year.  In many ways, good: Lots of fun jobs (wish I could rap about the voice-matching gigs I get, but I can’t cuz that’s not fair to the producers), […]

Man Enough for Whiskey-barreled WINE

Few years ago, I had received a gracious invite to the Next Door Lounge in Hollywood to participate in a very special tasting of various whiskeys. Before I accepted, I seriously had to ask myself…”Am I MAN ENOUGH for whiskey?” The answer might surprise you.  Whiskey for me was always shots over the years at […]

Max Koch Goes to SAVOR the CENTRAL COAST (New Video)

It was SO good to get the hell outta The Big Orange last week and once again rock it on up to our most desired destination of all, the Central Coast of California. This was our only real extended vacation for the year and so we chose to hit some spectacular wineries in Paso Robles we had yet […]

Max Koch Goes to EBERLE WINERY (New Video)

Winemaker Gary Eberle, the “Pioneer of Paso Robles”, knows a little something about football. He went to Penn State on a football scholarship and graduated with a BS in biology. Me, I know NOTHING about football. But I do feel I know a few things about wine. And my tour of the Eberle Winery was one of […]

Max Koch’s BIZARRE ENCOUNTER in Downtown Paso Robles (New Video)

My wife is always calling me a “freak magnet”. And she’s too correct, as usual. But I subscribe to the word “Oddwin”, created for me by my buddy, Joe Dungan. It’s the Oddwins of the world I can hack. The outcasts, the have-nots, the cast-asides, the once-weres. I can easily talk to most anyone I randomly encounter on […]

Max Koch Goes to BIANCHI WINERY (New Video)

Well, whaddya know! I’m back from my trip to the central coast!  Lemme tell you, NOTHING is more depressing than having to come back to L.A. after four days of wine tasting, ocean waves, (some) great food, and, of course, Shoreline Inn… on the beach. HOWEVER… I was fired-up to get back home to cut together all […]