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James A. Roberson

5 “Scary Questions” for Cartoonist James A. Roberson

‘Tis the season!  Halloween is ALMOST here.  Have you checked for monsters under your bed yet…? Ooo!  Speaking of monsters, I thought it would be a lotta fun to ask my friend and fellow (reclusive) cartoonist, James A. Roberson, five “Scary Questions” in honor of Halloween.  I met James when he was a guest on The […]

I Got Drawn!

On August 8th, this past weekend, I turned 45 years old. My hilarious cousin Christine drove into town from Las Vegas and we partied with sparkling wine and horror movies. Man, holy shit, turning 45 was not as breezy as I hoped it would be. In fact, it was downright SOBERING! And that’s not a […]