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Too Old to Get NAKED

As the world gets more and more baffling, the wife and I figured we should try to make the best of it while we still can. So we decided to film our little adventures from time to time and share them with YOU. Follow us @toooldtogetnaked on Instagram and check out our videos exclusively on […]

An Immigrant A Day

UPDATE: Today I chose to delete this Instragram account and cease the project. It was a lot of work and the follower count seemed to stall early on at 65. But I did get 28 immigrants drawn and it lasted exactly a month, so that I feel pretty good about. I will continue to support immigration and […]

A New Form of Creative Expression…?

So if you happen to follow me on social media, particularly my Instagram, you may have noticed lately that I’ve been posting a lotta pics of smashed-up and/or kicked-to-the-curb furniture pieces with cartoony faces drawn on ’em. Truth is, I can’t seem to suffer enough for my stupid, so-called art, so…turns out this is just a […]