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The Brrr Months

Well, here we are.  November’s arrived and things are starting to wind down.  I’m pretty grateful for that right now because it has been one HECKUVA year.  In many ways, good: Lots of fun jobs (wish I could rap about the voice-matching gigs I get, but I can’t cuz that’s not fair to the producers), […]

Max Koch Stays at the SHORELINE INN (New Video)

Shoreline Inn…on the beach is my most favorite place on Earth. There. I said it. RANDOM DOUCHE-ROCKET:  Where’s Shoreline Inn…on the beach, Max? Is it actually ON the beach? ME: Yes. It’s actually ON the beach. RD: Which beach, somewhere down in San Diego? ME: NO!! God no. RD: No? ME: No. RD: Oh. You got something against […]