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An Immigrant A Day

UPDATE: Today I chose to delete this Instragram account and cease the project. It was a lot of work and the follower count seemed to stall early on at 65. But I did get 28 immigrants drawn and it lasted exactly a month, so that I feel pretty good about. I will continue to support immigration and […]

“Gramps: Beneath the Surface” Now on Vimeo

“In 2006, filmmakers Max Koch and The Counselor went deep into the California desert to spend a weekend with Max’s step-grandfather, Dick Surface. Armed only with a $300 Sony Handi-cam, a lot of beer, and the desire to capture a bit of Dick’s desert life-style, they ended up delving deeper into Dick’s psyche than expected. […]

5 “Scary Questions” for Cartoonist James A. Roberson

‘Tis the season!  Halloween is ALMOST here.  Have you checked for monsters under your bed yet…? Ooo!  Speaking of monsters, I thought it would be a lotta fun to ask my friend and fellow (reclusive) cartoonist, James A. Roberson, five “Scary Questions” in honor of Halloween.  I met James when he was a guest on The […]

Me Today

I spent most of this past week in the hospital for some kinda crazy, horrific abdominal take-down that the doctors still aren’t clear on as to what it was. I gotta tell ya: it was some of the worst discomfort I’ve ever experienced in my life. On the flip side, however, it was an extremely […]

Getting Shit Done

Today, I am GETTING SHIT DONE. Shit, I’ve been pretty much gettin’ shit done all week. But today is exceptionally productive. The fridge is stocked for the Easter holiday weekend. The pugs are at the groomer getting their booty glands expelled before they get thoroughly bathed. And the cleaning crew is zeal-fully kicking ass outside my office door, as […]

As a Cartoonist…

I have to say, the recent and terrible events in France punched me hard, right in the gut. Mainly because 5 of the 12 victims in the vicious attack against Charlie Hedbo were CARTOONISTS. Soak it in: Cartoonists are getting killed in the first month of 2015. And why? Because of the offense taken by their satirical […]