Max Koch Uncorked

Wine-soaked adventures through a twisted life…

Adam Sholder

“Gramps: Beneath the Surface” Now on Vimeo

“In 2006, filmmakers Max Koch and The Counselor went deep into the California desert to spend a weekend with Max’s step-grandfather, Dick Surface. Armed only with a $300 Sony Handi-cam, a lot of beer, and the desire to capture a bit of Dick’s desert life-style, they ended up delving deeper into Dick’s psyche than expected. […]

Starland P.C.

My dear ol’ buddy Adam aka The Counselor and his awesome wife Vanessa have put together a brand-new website based around their 2015 television pilot, “Starland P.C.”. I make a cameo in this thing as a rabbi in an old 80’s-style mayonnaise commercial. I also recorded some voices on it and am currently cutting a little […]