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Me Today

I spent most of this past week in the hospital for some kinda crazy, horrific abdominal take-down that the doctors still aren’t clear on as to what it was. I gotta tell ya: it was some of the worst discomfort I’ve ever experienced in my life. On the flip side, however, it was an extremely positive – and dare I say, slightly life-altering – experience. I’ll get into all that later (plus I’m still working on my Grand Canyon entry), but I wanted to post this drawing I just did on the doctor-prescribed Percocet I got. I gotta say, it was REALLY cathartic and fun. I should also point out I drew it to Black Flag, Nirvana, Circle Jerks, and the “Sound City” soundtrack.

WINE PAIRING: No wine right now as I’m recovering. It SUCKS! But I also plan to ease down on it anyway once I feel better. I kinda like losing weight!

Max Today