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I Got Drawn!

On August 8th, this past weekend, I turned 45 years old. My hilarious cousin Christine drove into town from Las Vegas and we partied with sparkling wine and horror movies. Man, holy shit, turning 45 was not as breezy as I hoped it would be. In fact, it was downright SOBERING! And that’s not a word I prefer to include in my vocabulary. But it’s true. It doesn’t help that I’ve been very depressed. See, I’ve taken some very punishing hits in my life up ’til now, so, in my reflecting, I think I’ve decided to move forward with my aging (versus denying it) and simply try to make the very best of what I have. In other words, to GROW UP. So I’m back in therapy. I’m trying to stay on top of my exercise. I’m trying to drink a LITTLE less wine (only a little), and I’m trying to make a triumphant return, most importantly, to my drawing. No more coloring outside the lines for ol’ Max. 

Which brings me to 2 VERY SPECIAL treats I received on my Facebook wall over the weekend. I always appreciate birthday messages on Facebook. And I ALWAYS make sure to respond to each and every one. This year, I even tried to encourage my friends, whether I know ’em or not, to challenge themselves creatively with whatever they wished to express to me. And a LOT of peeps really came through!

Especially these two guys. 

I can’t even tell you how honored and moved I was to receive not one but TWO separate drawings of me. That’s right! I got drawn! EYE did! I NEVER get drawn. I’m always too busy drawing everybody ELSE! But not this time. Oh, no, no, no. Check ’em out.

This first one’s by actor Anthony Ingruber. Oh, you best keep an eye on this kid. This kid’s got it goin’ on. He’s basically the reincarnation of Harrison Ford. It’s eerie. He even plays a young version of Ford in a film called “The Age of Adeline”. Anyway, here’s his take on that old fartknocker, Max Koch. What I love most of all is that he included my evidently well-known fetish for ladies underthings. Ha!


Next up is cartoonist James A. Roberson. Check out his stuff over at his Jar Humor site. He’s SO creative and funny. And he’s making a real living on his merch. Here’s his homage to that idiot over at the Uncorked blog. And I love that he included the skull bling. 

IMG_0385 2

“Weirdos, Ass & Wine”! How the hell do these relative strangers KNOW me so damn well?? I guess I’m just that transparent.

Okay, back to the ol’ drawing board. I still have to tell you my Grand Canyon story and that will include a few illustrations. Wahoo!

WINE PAIRING: Here’s a fun little drawing lesson for ya! Pour yourself whatever’s open…

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