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A New Form of Creative Expression…?

So if you happen to follow me on social media, particularly my Instagram, you may have noticed lately that I’ve been posting a lotta pics of smashed-up and/or kicked-to-the-curb furniture pieces with cartoony faces drawn on ’em. Truth is, I can’t seem to suffer enough for my stupid, so-called art, so…turns out this is just a new form of creative expression that I think I might be really enjoying…

(Wait a minute, how’d my recent drawing of The Joker pulling his hair out get in there?? Oh, well. That’s a screen shot for ya.)

I’m not gonna lie. I live in a REALLY crappy, congested neighborhood. That said, it’s seriously booming around here with retail and residences. But to what END? Nature is dying all around me. Squirrels are dropping dead from high atop the exhaust-choked trees. And some pretty hateful people around here shamefully litter the nearby streets with their leavings. So it kinda bums me out. Not a walk with the pugs goes by where I don’t see a discarded couch or mattress or box-once-containing-a-giant-dildo from the local porn shop around the corner. And the compulsion to document ALL of it gets sometimes overwhelming. And, inevitably, pretty depressing. Which is why I think somehow humanizing this stuff with expresses of pain or pathos or rejection might help me deal with it a little better? Not sure yet.

I’ve been using the Photo Editor Aviary to create these and it’s really the first time I’ve ever attempted to draw with technology. I’m a pen and ink guy through and through. But this just seems to work for me right now. And who knows? Maybe it’s just another passing fancy. But I think it also might be a good memorial for the fallen furniture items that served their inconsiderate, slob-ass once-owners well.

WINE PAIRING: Aviary Vineyards in Napa Valley appears to have a whole FLIGHT of alluring titles to explore.

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