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Max Koch Goes to the Long Beach GRAND PRIX (New Video)

This past Sunday for brunch, the wife and I wound up guests of a fancy law firm to also take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the 2015 Long Beach Grand Prix. I used to love going to the races as a kid, but this was a whole other kind of experience, as you will soon see. I don’t really fair well at super-noisy sporting events embedded in crazy-big crowds, especially when I’m trying to shoot video. But libations and true grit prevailed, and I think I got some fun stuff here. LOTS of awesome, interesting characters.

So click the pic below of the Tecate Girls n’ me and we’ll be OFF TO THE RACES!!

tecate girls

WINE PAIRING: As you will see in the video, the tasty, tangy, apple-y, wonderfully-refreshing 2013 McManis Pinot Grigio from McManis Family Vineyards will totally lube your pistons. 


  1. pat snyder

    Wine, beer, and fast cars what more do you want! Hey Jeff did I really feed you spam when we went camping, I’m really sorry! Love the shot of AJ!

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