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New Interview on Snarkmonkey

Happy Friday! We made it.

So my friend Larry Morgan interviewed me for his Snarkmonkey podcast and I think it’s one I kinda might be proud of. It got crazy, too, because we sorta filter through my life chronologically, which, can all at once be exhilarating and/or REALLY depressing.

One of the questions he asks me was how old I was when I first learned my dad was killed before I was born. I just threw out 7 or 8 as a guess. Well, turns out my mom listened to the show last night and texted me that I was, in fact, 5. That she and my Grandma Koch (my dad’s mom) sat me down in the breakfast nook of the farm house I lived in and broke the hard news. And this was AFTER they had gotten the go-ahead from my kindergarten counselor, who told ’em I’d be “bright enough to understand.”

Man. If only I coulda kept that brightness. To understand that when bad things happen, it will all be okay again eventually? I mean, damn, what the hell happened to my HOPE??

Anyway. Whatever. Click the pic below and give ‘er a whirl. I think you’ll dig it! I did, and I HATE listening back to myself. I believe you can also find the show on iTunes eventually.

WINE PAIRING: Well, you HAVE to have a “Max Koch Executive Treat” with this. That’s where I take any sparkling white I have loafin’ around (Prosecco always works), pour it into a sturdy RED wine glass, add ice and fresh, rinsed blackberries. So by the time you get to the bottom of the beverage, the berries have SOAKED IN the sparkling. Doesn’t that just sound SO refreshing?? It is! AND the blackberries are a great antioxidant. See? I know what I’m doing sometimes!


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