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Getting Shit Done

Today, I am GETTING SHIT DONE. Shit, I’ve been pretty much gettin’ shit done all week. But today is exceptionally productive. The fridge is stocked for the Easter holiday weekend. The pugs are at the groomer getting their booty glands expelled before they get thoroughly bathed. And the cleaning crew is zeal-fully kicking ass outside my office door, as I have provided them with plenty of cold drinks and blaring salsa music!

For countless years now, I’ve kept my drawings and doodles and sketches shamefully stuffed into folders, binders, or boxes. I treat my so-called artwork with absolutely ZERO respect. Maybe it’s because I never feel it will be of value to anyone but me. But I’m starting to realize that may not be so. See, I’m becoming one of those dudes who fears he might be more famous when he’s dead instead of alive. I’ll admit, I’ve even sat around fantasizing that a documentary film crew makes a movie about me when I’m gone that gets nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Something in the vein of “Crumb” meets “American Movie” but wine-soaked, of course, and starring all the people in my life that loved me, dumped me, stomped me out, broke my heart, adored me, worshipped me, worked with me, stole from me, and perhaps even hated me a little bit behind my back. But that’s okay, because I think that would make for a very well-rounded, full-bodied character study about a pretty imperfect guy who’s currently trying to get his act together. So, y’know, in the event that film ever comes to fruition, I wanna make sure everything’s well-organized for the director!

So as far as the artwork goes, I’ve taken to putting each and every 8.5×11 sheet (I, like, mostly draw on typing paper) into plastic slip covers, which I then place into these attractive, 3-ring, purple binders. Purple is my most favorite color (maybe even my “power” color?), so I thought that would be most appropriate for storing my stuff. And what a TRIP down memory lane looking at all this crap has been! Like, for instance, I have NO idea when or why I drew THIS dude. I just know that I did and he now exists in Binder #3 as “This Dude is NOT Up For a Phone Call”…

Phone Call Dude

That’s the other thing. Each and every drawing is getting titled and logged into both the binders and on my computer. So when you look at a book’s typical list out of context, it can get pretty weird:

Dark Harvest Series (2007)
Demented Park Hag
Red Velvet Cookie Lady
MK Family Insertions
Old Michael Myers
“This is my Odyssey!” Guy
Sick Max
“HELP” Guy with Teddy Bear
“Put this in your ear!” Guy
Creepy Robert From the Greek
“Is your pug always that black?” Guy
Pigeon Man
Elephantiasis Feet Guy
Weird Ball Bag Chin Monster Asking MK About Labor Day
Neck Brace Guy
Long Chin Beard Guy
Unfinished Texas Dude/Monster Thing
Drunk Neighbor Guy
Clint Howard Magazine
Lousy Parents Magazine
Jason Brott aka Penguin Boy
Ghost Book Cover
Pepsi cap/Coke shirt Guy
MK Sunglasses Fly Off
2 versions of Monkey Birthday Cake Violence
End Times Angel “Terry Fallon” Drawings
Andre Rand/Cropsey
The Bruce Dern Show
Paulie Walnuts
Tim Burton
Rob Zombie
Marilyn Manson
John K.
Wee Man
Neil Young
“Just Keep Moving” Blob Guy

Let’s just say I feel like this process is getting my brain in order. It’s all part of a grand re-design, I think.

So that’s it. Just letting you know I’m getting shit done. I’m not a real Easter guy but I’ll definitely be biting into a CADBURY CRÈME EGG at some point. Those are yummy. 

More to come…

WINE PAIRING: I’ll be grilling steaks and veggies this weekend, enjoying some good wine, and taking stock in my latest wave of productivity. And since Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead and ascending into eternal life, what’s say we go with the 2010 Resurrection Red from the Behrens Family Winery. He is Risen

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