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I love St. Pat’s! I’m legitimately partly Irish, too!  (Yeah, yeah, we all say that…)

At any rate, it’s St. Pat’s again and today I plan to slow cook and bust open a bottle or two of joyous what-say-you. I’m thinking sparkling wine with blackberries, as I am weakly constructed for bourbon or Guinness. I also wanna share my most favorite video I ever made for YouTube.

Now I’ve made a lot of videos for YouTube over the years. Many of them went viral. I mean, at this writing, I have over 4,040,972 views on YouTube, both channels combined. Frankly, that’s SMALL POTATOES. But I’ll take it. Listen, YouTube stars are 12-year-olds these days. Me, I some weird, random old fart who thought it was a good idea to a video channeling the great Shane MacGowan, lead singer of the Pogues and one of my all-time biggest heroes (my wife is CONSTANTLY busting my balls for having mainly drunks, degenerates, and dope fiends for heroes).

So click the pic below and GO! (Watch it twice because you HAVE to keep your eye on my buddy Brett Pearsons aka Gavin McLoud the whole time. He KILLS it…)

WINE PAIRING: Take a break from the grape! It’s St. Pat’s! Streams of Whiskey are flowing!

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