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Max Koch Goes to GRAPEVINE, TX., Part ONE (New Video)

Welp. I’m in love with a dude.

Now before you scream out loud, “I KNEW IT!!”, just know that I’m talking about my new baby nephew, PJ (as I’m calling him). PJ is the sweetest, most gassy, most gurgle-y, most gremlin-y, most adorable, most intoxicating little human I have ever met in my life. My sister and bro-in-law have done a fantastic job producing a tiny mortal. I am seriously smitten. And can’t wait to see him again.


The problem is, he lives in Texas. But I DID just get back from a whirlwind visit down there and caught some fun footage I think you might enjoy. I’m choosing to break it up into shorter segments because I finally realized that people only have so much to give, attention-wise, to a video. Especially a video featuring an infant.

I gotta say, Grapevine is a very charming town. It was snowing the whole time, which was nuts, but more importantly, it appears to be a sincerely burgeoning wine region! And check THIS out. My sister Ashley (PJ’s mom) even made the cover of a Grapevine brochure. She’s the brunette on the far right at the table in the middle. (Forgive me, I’m a VERY proud big brother…)

Grapevine brochure

Anyhow…to see the vid, click the pic of my sis with her boy below in the snow and GO! More to come…


WINE PAIRING: I was so busy being cooped up with family, I wasn’t able to check out the D’Vine Wine tasting room on Grapevine’s Main Street, which I’m madly curious about. Next time!

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