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Organic Wines with Green Girl (New Video)

Happy Friday!

My dear ol’ pal GiGi AKA Green Girl came over yesterday and brought along some awesome organic wines for us to enjoy. Now while I use those fancypants canvas bags when I go to the market or whatever, I have to admit, I’m not NEARLY as versed on the whole “organic lifestyle” thing as much as my friend here is. And as far as organic wines go, per se, the only titles I’ve ever tasted before were courtesy of lovely Pipestone Vineyards in Paso Robles.

Anyhow, I thought I’d make a little video of our pesticide-free festivity. Click the pic of my buddy n’ me below and GO!

WINE PAIRING: I have to say, after sleeping on it, of the two delicious Frey wines we sampled here, I mighta been partial to the Pacific Redwood 2003 Organic Syrah!