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“Blue Ruin” and Thoughts of REVENGE

So ya know when a bunch of bored moms and housewives get together on a Monday night twice a month to talk about the latest book they were all suppose to have read at the same time? Like, a BOOK club, right? Well, that’s sorta what I got goin’ on with The Cutting Room Movie Podcast. Only we’re a handful of dudes. And there’s usually no chicks unless we have a female guest on. And we’re always talking about movies instead of books. And most of the time, we’re usually drinking booze versus herbal tea. And we don’t eat any gluten-free cookies because we’re all behind microphones talking on Skype cuz that would be gross.

I’ve been doing this show for a few years now, and I have to say, it’s been a great stimulator for my brain. My cohorts deem me the “wild card”. And I think what they mean is…I tend to ask questions that go well BEYOND just what we thought of a certain film. I’m FAR more interested in how the movies reflect our lives on a personal level. And so sometimes I tend to really go for the jugular in my line(s) of inquiry. But I can’t help that. It’s who I am. Once I get behind a mic – or even in front of a camera – as myself? All bets are usually off. I feel I become my TRUEST version of me, really. I am fearless. And I deeply thrive on that feeling.

Speaking of being fearless, the new season of The Cutting Room has commenced. We start with a two-parter: the theme of REVENGE. Each Cutting Room cast member gets to curate three movies that we all have to see, depending on who’s scheduled for the show. Our leader and main host Thomas Dettloff chose revenge. And I think that was a very wise choice. Revenge is a sincere universal desire to act unimaginably. We’ve all had such terrible thoughts. But most of us have wisely not acted upon them. Because we know better. I mean, I’ve taken a TON of hits in my life and I know I’ve courted thoughts of comeuppance to those who wronged me. But I swallow my anger. And hope that either karma or the law eventually catches up to the culprits.

On this latest episode, I had the pleasure of introducing, as we call it, 2013’s “Blue Ruin”, a revenge thriller currently streaming on Netflix. I talk a lot about all the bad shit that’s happened to me. I gotta say, it was pretty good to get it out of my system. Amazing how trauma can mildew and corrode within you over time.

Click the pic below to listen!

WINE PAIRING: In “Blue Ruin”, kickass actor Macon Blair portrays the solitary, bearded beach bum, Dwight Evans. A broken man who becomes hell-bent on revenge. So I thought the Evan’s Ranch 2012 Lone Oak Pinot Noir would be just the way to roll with this one…

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