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Look, I’m not gonna tell ya anything revelatory here: Being sick SUCKS. Yeah, man, I had a terrible cold all through the Christmas holidays. And then I was awesome for the new year, ready to take on the world, when all of a sudden, outta no where, WHAMMO!…relapse. No idea how it happened. Two visits to the doc…all the big white horse pills I could swallow…Codeine cough syrup benders and raw nose Kleenex wipes. Disgusting. I wanted to kill myself. I still kinda do. But my sister’s about to pop out a baby any minute now so I really wanna stick around to meet it. Him. It’s gonna be a boy. I prefer girls, but…in this case, I’ll take it. Him!

Sick Max

Not only was I sick, but the WIFE got sick, too. So then we were BOTH sick! AT home. TOGETHER. For DAYS. I don’t think that’s EVER happened before. Surprisingly, there wasn’t one single blow-up. That I can recall. No, it was really just us two pathetic slobs camped out on the couch every day, burning through books and movies and all ten episodes of “Transparent” (extraordinary work by the recent Golden Globe-winning Mr. Tambor…you BELIEVE him…HER!)

Understand, my wife is NOT a binger of television. Everything with her has to be ssssssssprrrrrreeeeeaaad ooouuuut over time. But she was so helplessly ill, she surrendered to the binge. It helped that “Transparent” was so damn absorbing. That Jill Solowayboy, she knows how to channel the angst and anguish of modern families under duress (“Six Feet Under”, anyone?). And ALWAYS a pleasure seeing drag queens and transgender people and lesbians boppin’ about. Keeps things interesting, I think. You even get a once-chick with a BEARD! And it’s NOT Kathy Bates from “American Horror Story: Freak Show”. Really impressive actor, this Ian Harvie.

Infinitely frustrating was how much ambition I had installed within myself when the new year turned over. But then I got sick and lost all sense of time, energy and will. I was a LOAF. Useless! Despaired! Out of the game. Benched!

I needed a RESET.

So now I am going ahead and pretending that TODAY is my new official January 1, 2015. There is so much I want to do besides sit around watching everyone ELSE’S incredible content. Am I inspired? Of course. Always. But am I anxious to get back to work on MY shit. More so now than ever.

One thing I wanna do with Max Koch Uncorked is start interviewing people again for a new podcast. I’ve got well over 200 hours of jibber-jabbering behind a mic under my belt just from Mimosa and The Cutting Room shows alone. My idea would be to pair a bottle of wine with the guest that we would drink together throughout the 45 minutes (or so) we’d be talking. I even bought a beautiful new USB mic called a Yeti which plugs straight into my Mac and it’s good to go! I’ve already tested out how I’d record everything on my own. 

More about all this soon. Meanwhile, there’s videos to make. There’s blogs to write. There’s travel to be done. There’s laughs to be had. There’s tears to be shed. And there’s WINE to be drunk. No more sickness, damn it!

UPDATE:  Oh, shit!  My sister just had the baby. Did I mention it’s a boy? Gotta go…

WINE PAIRING:  Hey, what could be a better choice after a relapse but a reBOUND? Namely, the Juicy Rebound 2011 Grenache from Sonoma County!

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