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Max Koch Goes to INGLENOOK (New Video)

I’m back!

Lemme tell ya, Napa Valley wine country n’ me pretty much worked out our differences. We reconciled. We bonded. We gave each other neck rubs. Sure, I have a few beefs here and there that I’ll get into here on the blog in the coming days. But all in all, I have to declare, it was a VERY successful trip.

I wanted to kick off the next couple of posts about my Napa journey with a new video about my visit to Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Winery. Man-oh-man, was this a kickass adventure. So much HISTORY to absorbed from a vineyard that’s been around since 1879. And you would not believe what Coppola has done with the place and the wines after all these years. I mean, the guy LIVES there, for cryin’ out loud. Well, here, check it out for yourself.

Click the pic of me below with Coppola’s barrels (in his underground tunnel) and WATCH!

WINE PAIRING: The Inglenook 2011 Cask Cabernet (as you will see in the video) was the Don Vito Corleone of the selections we sampled.

Ingelnook Barrels