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Harvest Movie Night: “Sideways” at Kalyra

The wife and I are wine club members at Kalyra, and we’re all fired up to take in one of their Harvest Movie Night events this weekend.

Can you guess which one?

I’ll wait…

You did it! Yes, that’s correct, we’re gonna sit outside and watch “Sideways” at the vineyard amphitheater while tasting Kalyra wines and mowing on slices of brick oven pizza.

It just so happens that the utterly sexy scene where Jack and Miles first meet the spunky and flirtatious Stephanie (Sandra Oh) was shot inside the Kalyra tasting room.

If you revere the wine-soaked comedy classic as much as I do, you HAVE to print up the Sideways tour map, and check out the locales if ever you’re up in the area.

Now, I’ve seen “Sideways” a few too many times. Talk about a soul movie. That one cuts DEEP. I mean, what are ANY of us supposed to do with Miles and Jack and their misadventures in the Santa Ynez valley? Such funny yet heart-melting stuff. Alexander Payne has to be the most appropriately monikered film director of all time.

Sideways drawing

I keep a poster of the movie in my office. If for any reason, to remind me that there’s still hope for greatness in cinematic art.


Full report upon my return!

WINE PAIRING: I’m not a real dessert wine sorta guy (my wife loves them, hence why we’re Kalyra club members), but I have to say the NV Black Muscat is the perfect capper to any meal, voraciously-consumed.