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Max Koch’s BIZARRE ENCOUNTER in Downtown Paso Robles (New Video)

My wife is always calling me a “freak magnet”. And she’s too correct, as usual. But I subscribe to the word “Oddwin”, created for me by my buddy, Joe Dungan. It’s the Oddwins of the world I can hack. The outcasts, the have-nots, the cast-asides, the once-weres. I can easily talk to most anyone I randomly encounter on the street and this David Lynch-ian moment of lunchus interruptus you are about to witness from last Saturday afternoon at Panolivo Family Bistro is no exception at all. This stuff seriously happens to me all the time. I post about such encounters often on Facebook and a lotta peeps bark back things at me like, “Video or it didn’t happen!” 

Well. It happened, alright. And here is the video (click the pic):  


WINE PAIRING: A split of Champagne Nicolas Feuillate Brut should do it. That’s sure as shit what I was sipping when these two fleetingly rolled into my life. Leave it to the French help transform this strange scene into a practical Sylvain Chomet animation!

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  1. Bonnie

    I love that you’re always so friendly and casual with your “encounters”. I think I would try to be nice but have a total WTF look on my face the whole time!

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