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Max Koch Goes to BIANCHI WINERY (New Video)

Well, whaddya know! I’m back from my trip to the central coast

Lemme tell you, NOTHING is more depressing than having to come back to L.A. after four days of wine tasting, ocean waves, (some) great food, and, of course, Shoreline Inn… on the beach. HOWEVER… I was fired-up to get back home to cut together all this awesome footage I shot. Including a few trips to some VERY special vineyards.

Let’s start with my visit to Bianchi Winery and Tasting Room in Paso Robles. Oh, they could NOT have been cooler and more accommodating up there. Especially Andrew, who gave us our pours. GREAT guy with a fabulous sense of humor. 

WINE PAIRING: If I were you, I’d watch this video with Bianchi’s California Champagne, a sparkling wine that’ll knock you out. And it only retails for $16 a bottle! Get OUTTA here!

CLICK the pic of Bianchi estate to see the new vid! And, as always, more to come…