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Burning Out…

Two nights this week my dog Malcolm had diarrhea. That’s two nights I lost sleep because I had to keep taking the poor little bugger down and out into the streets because I can’t have pug poo soup stinking up my condo and staining my Berber carpets (now don’t take me on about Berber, I agree, it sucks). Anyhow, it was this morning sitting in the veterinarian’s office, waiting to pay another $90 so my bouncy black buddy could finally feel better, that I came to the disabling realization that I’m burning out.

Koch on Cumia

I’ve been working my ass off these past several months. We all have, right? My brain is fried. And, hey, it didn’t help that yesterday the pressure was semi-ON to deliver a decent performance on the Anthony Cumia Show.

I frankly don’t think it coulda gone better. I so enjoyed talking to that dude. He really made me feel welcomed and I was able to get in a plug for this blog. I was most impressed with how he so seamlessly started to roll with my pounding questions about sex, death, and stealing. Soon I was interviewing HIM. And it was a blast. He even invited me to his house back East. His fans on Twitter have been amazing.

Reddit? Not so much. My favorite hater quote about me there was when I mentioned during the show that I do voiceovers: “Can he do voiceunders? I’d rather hear Anthony talk.”  But then someone kindly chimed in with, “That Max Koch interview was fun…I liked how he started questioning Ant on a bunch of shit.” Alas, I saw more Max-bashing comments and stopped reading because it brought me back to the old days of YouTube and how my inbox would fill up with people telling me how much I stank and had no talent and I’d get all bummed out and pouty. Like no matter how much praise I’d receive, I’d let the few disparaging remarks goad me into a glum state. Not where I’m at today, thankfully…

One final reflection on the Cumia appearance: I really do think it’s time to bury the Tony Soprano impression. Even Cumia appeared to agree. And that was extremely liberating. Listen, it meant a lot to pay homage to that show, to James Gandolfini. But it’s run it’s course. I have enjoyed it. But I’ve been the Tony Soprano guy long enough. I wanna be the Max Koch Uncorked guy.

So now I think I’m going to get out of town for a few days and clear my head. There will be wine. There will be music. There will be the love of my family and the setting sun. And the sea. I desperately need this. I even packed books.

More to come…




  1. pd

    You’ve picked a brutal profession. I could never withstand all the rejection that comes with it but then I will never experience the highs you feel when someone truly appreciates your art. Hang tough, go regroup and refresh then come back strong. We all know you have the goods. You are your own worst critic, by the way… Well…there was that one guy from Rancho Cucamonga…no…nevermind, you know what I mean.

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