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Max and Jenna go on a JOYRIDE (New Video)

I did it!

I did it!

I really did it!


No, you don’t understand. This is a MAJOR breakthrough for me. Have I mentioned how lame I am at technology??  I’ve been TERRIFIED of learning a new editing program since I switched from PC to MAC. But I shot a fun video with my filmmaker buddy Jenna Payne and decided to overcome my fears and worked really hard on figuring it all out and so this is the FIRST result of my newly adapted skills. I don’t think I’ve EVER been more re-invigorated as far as my video making goes.

Now, listen, you HAVE to pair this video with a “Max Koch Executive Treat”. Simply pour some chilled Prosecco (sparkling white wine) into a red wine-sized glass with a few ice cubes and at least SEVEN rinsed, fresh blackberries.

Click the pic to see the new vid! Salud!

joyride pic

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